Photon detector has arrived

The photon detector has arrived from IDQ our new partner in Geneva. They have graciously provided us with this very complex and sensitive piece of equipment. Perhaps this is the first stage performance that will use the arrival of photons (light in its particle form rather than its wave form) as an active participating element. The 10 nano second length signals it passes on from a filtered light source (the candle) will give the rhythm of the music, influence visual effects maybe even determine the length of the show.



Origami#1- Work in progress by Fred-B

Première maquette d’une série de compositions par fred b pour Perfectiøn

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serene images of origami

sometimes when there is no video image projected and the light is cared for, the origami and the space give a feeling of peace


photo 1 photo 2photo 3


beginning to draw with the body

here there is an exploration of designing the space using the zenith kinect and maxMSP

both the optical rgb mode and the 3d depth mode of the kinect are used at the same time to provide a direct pixel drawing on the image with my body

this is just the first stage of a more complex and refined approach to a scene called “Psycho Flower”


Perfectiøn, work in progress/ Cross from Bud Blumenthal Cie on Vimeo.

Yacine gets into the act

this image was made by walking on feet and hands at the same time in a circle, the presets that Yacine made using max kept pixels recorded off of Bud’s shirt and pants in the image reprojected onto the stage creating this ring of light.